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Many girls dream of the day that they find their Mr. Right, he gets down on one knee, displays a “diamond,” and says the long awaited words, “Will you marry me?”

Don’t give up or settle. WAIT! God created you for a purpose and has a wonderful plan for your life. You are meant to be treasured and to be of great value.

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The waves are rough out there in the sea of dating and relationships. Whether you are 15 or 40, God created you for a relationship. We have all been created with a God shaped void that can only be filled and satisfied by a relationship with Him. Many have tried sex, alcohol, cutting, drugs, and many other avenues to fill that emptiness.

No matter how dark or dirty your past is, forgiveness is available for you! There is hope for what your heart longs for. Real love, perfect love, that will never disappoint you, nor leave you, is only a heartbeat away. Just click perfect love and find out where to find the Mr. Right you’ve been searching for!

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Need more information?

Christian women’s speaker Jane Pistole provides Christian-based relationship advice for both young & mature single women. For more information on how to find the perfect love, click on Resources. To schedule a speaking engagement, contact Jane Pistole at pinkdgirl7@yahoo.com